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'The Furnace' (Feature Film) coming soon

A beautiful story of triumph in the veins of 'Million dollar Baby. Due to release in 2019.

Directed by Oscar nominated Darrel Roodt. Shot on Red Epic Dragon with Cooke Xtall Express Anamorphic lenses

'Shaft 6' (Feature Film) coming soon

Shaft 6 is a gritty drama set at the turn of the century around the mines of South Africa. It's a tale of two brothers and the struggle to survive in this hostile environment, setup with the discovery of a body in one of the mine shafts.

Due to release in 2019

'AMANDLA' (Feature Film) coming soon

Amandla is an international co-production with is set in the 80's and 90's in rural and townships in South Africa. It's the story of two brothers who's lives have lead them on separate but conflicting paths. It is an action driven drama with a great cast and and a fantastic plot line. Shot on 6K Anamorphic and set for release internationally in 2017

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